Privacy-first, Enterprise Contact Tracing Solution

Fellow has developed a cutting-edge, ultra-precise and anonymous enterprise contact tracing solution to reopen your workplace safely and empower your team to effortlessly maintain social distancing

Infrastructure-free, large-scale deployment ready.
Ultra-wideband technology for precise spatial awareness.
Haptic and audible feedback when in close proximity with others.
No smartphone required. No anchors required. No WiFi required.
Accurate 3D positioning capability can also be used for asset tracking.
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Out-of-the-box, Anchor-free deployment

Anchor-free deployment allows for fast setup and integration with existing operational systems.
Ready to operate "out of the box".

Adjustable vibration and audible feedback

When in close contact with other sensors, a vibration and audible feedback triggers.

Automatically records all close proximity contacts.

Privacy-first design

It allows devices to function without collecting any personal data, creating a sense of security at the workplace.

Haptic and audible feedback.

Long range (LoRa) communication.
No Wi-Fi required.

3350mAh battery. Up to 3 days without charging.

Accurate 3D positioning capability can also be used for asset tracking.

Patent pending technology.

Analytics Dashboard

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We have been developing cutting edge Robotics and Machine Learning enterprise solutions for some of the largest companies in the world for over seven years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams have been developing solutions to help our customers minize the impact of the pandemic and deploy fast and reliable solutions for them.