Advanced Computer Vision for Inventory scanning and Supply Chain automation                      

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Computer Vision for Inventory Scanning

Advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning to scan inventory data from images. Advanced algorithms for label and product recognition, barcode decodification, data and position extraction.

AR Mobile App

SmartCognition can be used with an Augmented Reality Mobile App to scan "high-density" inventory and location from a smartphone.

Flexible Integration

Our platform integrates easliy with multiple platforms (SAP, Oracle, SQL DBs, Tableau, Power BI and others) though an API.

AI-powered cameras

Automated image collection from fixed-position cameras for inventory scanning. Our platform integrates with fixed-position cameras to do image recognition of inventory on shelves.

Accurate Historical Data

Accurate and up-to-date historical location of assets helps find missing assets and track asset movement

Precisely Locate Assets

Visualize precise location of assets on a 3D/2D layout to help with operation optimization