Inventory control and Supply Chain visibility

Fellow has pioneered the use of AI, Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies over the years to provide accurate asset visibility.

Autonomus Inventory tracking
Barcode, text and expiration date recognition
Integration with SAP, Oracle, SQL Databases
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AI-Powered Cameras

Automated image collection from fixed-position cameras to scan inventory data.
Images are automatically taken every period of time (e.g. 5 min) and processed through advanced Computer Vision.

AR Mobile App

SmartCognition can be used with an Augmented Reality Mobile App to scan "high-density" inventory, location, text data and expiration dates from a smartphone.

Our Computer Vision and Machine Learning accessible through an API

Our platform integrates easily with multiple platforms (SAP, Oracle, SQL DBs, Tableau, Power BI and others) through an API.

Fellow Platform

Advanced Computer Vision
Inventory Scanning
Machine Learning & Private Cloud Services
Analytics Dashboards
Exception Reporting

Our solutions provide visibility and insights to the healthcare supply chain to provide real-time asset visibility, shelf availability, minimize errors and optimize medical supply performance.