Autonomous Navigation & 3D Mapping Software

Our Autonomous Navigation & 3D Mapping software enables robots to navigate in complex, dynamic environments while constantly re-mapping its enviroment.

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Large Scale 3D Mapping

The platform creates a full 3D map of it's environment that can be converted into a 2D CAD layout for further analysis

Autonomous Navigation

Autonomous navigation for robots in complex and dynamic enviroments to navigate safely around forklifts, people, crates, pallets, etc.

Re-mapping while navigating

Update and create new layouts as robots are navigating throughout the facilities.

Offline operation

The navigation and mapping software runs locally, with no need of an internet connection.

Detect changes in Layout

Our software detects and alerts for new changes in the layout, with precise location and visualization of the changes.

Wide Coverage Area

Navigate and map large facilities. The navigation and mapping software works with a 3D lidar that captures 360 degrees with a 100 meters range.

Through years of experience deploying autonomous robots, we perfected the autonomous navigation software for complex, dynamic environments that have moving objects such as forklifts, pallets, crates, shopping carts, and people.