Inventory control and Supply Chain visibility

Fellow has pioneered the use of AI, Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies over the years to provide accurate asset visibility.

Layout Mapping
Space Management
Precise inventory location
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Layout creation

Our platform maps in 3D and 2D the layout and it creates a detail CAD drawing file.

Space Management

Our Cloud-based application allows edits, annotations and real-world measurements of the physical layout.
Modifications, edits and annotations can be exported to PDF or DWG files.

Precise Inventory Location

Through our platform, we provide accurate inventory location and tracking to optimize picking times and reduce item picking errors.

Real floor layout creation & mapping. Every new scan, updates the new layout and inventory location

Our solutions improve efficiency, reduce human error, improve picking times, and create real world digital information on a regular basis to optimize operations and provide asset visibility.

Improved accuracy and improved productivity through Fellow’s computer vision and machine learning expertise.